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City of Eupora

Zoning and Building Ordinance


Section 5  -  Administration and Enforcement

5.2  -  Requirement for Building Permit



No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, enlarged, or altered without a building permit issued and developed by the Zoning and Building Administrator in conformity with the provisions of this ordinance. 

5.3  -  Application for Building Permit




All applications for building permits shall be made to the Zoning and Building Administrator and shall include the following:

 (1) Scale drawing showing the shape and dimensions of the lot to be built upon.


 (2) Plans, drawn to scale, showing the location, size and height of all existing and proposed

 buildings and structures.


 (3) Plans for fill and storage of materials and such other information as may be necessary

 to determine conformance with the provisions of this ordinance.  

If you are planning a construction project in the City of Eupora that involves any type of new construction, remodel, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing type work, a permit and inspection are generally required. 

Building Permit Fees as follows:


Residential                               $  50.00

Commercial                             $100.00


When is a permit required?

Residential Permitting Requirements –Permits required:

(1)   Any addition or alteration more than two thousand and five hundred dollars ($2500).

(2)  Any dwelling units, including accessory dwellings, regardless of square footage.

(3)  Any addition, alteration, modification, demolition, or improvement that includes electrical,

plumbing, and/or structural work.


Residential Permitting Requirements –Permits exempt (no permit required):

(1) Re-roofing

(2) Platforms, decks, walks, and driveways not exceeding thirty (30) inches above grade.

(3) Prefabricated above ground swimming pools, less than 24” in depth and does not exceed

five thousand (5,000) gallons.

(4) Direct window replacement with no structural changes (unless structure is in the City of Eupora Historic District. Certificate of Appropriateness is required in a historic district).

(5) Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, installation of cabinets or countertops, and similar

        finish work. 


Commercial Permitting Requirements:

For commercial and mixed-use developments any construction or alteration more than one thousand ($1,000), or for demolition, a permit is required.





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