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Every owner of real property within the City is required to maintain such property in a manner to not violate the provisions of the Litter, Blight, and Junk Vehicle Ordinances.

Working in conjunction with citizens, volunteers, and city officials to maintain, clean-up our community and instill civic pride, this committee reports to the City Board of Aldermen those properties that are in violation of city ordinances for further action.


Promote a positive business climate that positions the City of Eupora as a business-friendly community with a superior quality of life.  Create employment opportunities geared toward the local labor force.  Expand and diversify the tax base.  Work proactively to support existing businesses, and to encourage the development and expansion of efforts that further enhance the business community.  Attract new commerce that meets social, environmental, and economic objectives consistent with the City of Eupora's Masterplan.  Establish and maintain partnerships with business, State Government, Regional and local economic development agencies, and organizations.  

The Economic Development committee is comprised of volunteers formed in February 2022 and reports directly to the Mayor's Office. 


The Main Street Association is made of two (2) committees. 

  • Beautification Committee

    • Working in conjunction with citizens, volunteers, and city officials to create a more beautiful Eupora and instill civic pride.​

  • Events Committee​

    • Planning family friendly events and activities for the citizens of Eupora and surrounding areas.​


Historic preservation is an important way for us to transmit our understanding of the past to future generations.  Renovating historic properties preserves the historic, architectural, and aesthetic character and heritage of a community or area and helps to provide a sense of place and continuity.

Eupora's local historic district was established in 2010 to offer protection and regulations to preserve the historic character and significance of the city.  This smaller historic district centers on the very most important and oldest structures in the city. 


The purpose of the wellness committee is to plan, promote, increase awareness and factors contributing to physical and mental well-being.  

This committee is responsible for establishing programs and communicate to citizens and participants of programs the value of a wellness program and the benefits they can expect to receive.

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