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The Mayor's Office is the City's Executive Office, where the mayor, along with his staff, works closely with the Board of Aldermen and City Departments to address a wide range of issues on a day-to-day basis.  His staff is tasked with addressing requests and concerns from city residents and the business community while also assisting in several special projects.

Additionally, the Mayor develops and implements policies, procedures, and programs, and is responsible for overseeing the annual city budget.  The office is responsible for representing and promoting City of Eupora, as the mayor and his staff work collaboratively with local, state, and federal officials, as well as civic, religious, and non-profit organizations to address areas of mutual concern throughout the City of Eupora. 

Please contact me via phone, or mail. 

  • PHONE - (662) 552-2291


    • Lamar Dumas​

    • 390 Clark Avenue

    • Eupora, MS 39744

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